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Self-Healing Suntek Paint Protection Film
Say goodbye to scratches and swirl-marks with our Suntek Self-Healing Clear Bra that allows scratches to disappear over time.
A Comprehensive 10-Year warranty
Get peace of mind with a Paint Protection Film designed to last and backed by a 10-Year Warranty against yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating.
A Shield Against Deep Scratches, Rock Chips & Bumper Scuffs
Stop being vulnerable to preventable cosmetic damages. PPF is the ultimate protection to repel scratches, paint chips, and scuffs.
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1,000+ Cars

The Largest Selection of Suntek Films in Vaughan & toronto

Suntek Ultra
Backed by a 10-year warranty*,
PPF Ultra is available in ptically clear high-gloss or matte finishes, to perfectly blend into any automotive paint finish. Equipped with HydroResist technology, Suntek Ultra repels against water, insects, road debris, and other stains. It will also make fine scratches disappear over time with its self-healing feature.
Suntek Matte
SunTek Paint Protection Film Matte delivers all the benefits of our Paint Protection Film Clear product with a head-turning, matte finish. It blends in with satin automotive paint, and can also be used alter the finish of glossy paints while always protecting against road debris and rock chips.
Suntek Clear
SunTek Paint Protection Film Clear is a virtually invisible layer of sophisticated protection, with a high-shine finish that helps defend against all major enemies of pristine paint: rocks, salt, insects and road debris. We stand behind Paint Protection Film Clear’s innovative paint protection film technology with a 5-year warranty*.

Our Clear Bra Packages

Starting At $2295
Every Exposed Painted Surface
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Starting At $1795
Full Hood, Full Front Fenders, Front Bumper, Side Mirrors, Headlights
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Starting At $595
Partial Hood, Partial Front Fenders, Front Bumper, Side Mirrors, Headlights
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Paint Protection you Can Trust

SET Auto Care strives to serve those who seek the very best. We help people like you protect your proudest investment.

You haven't accepted mediocrity in any other area of your life -- which is why you have discerning taste and accept no compromise when it comes to the appearance of your vehicle.

Find out exactly how the team at SET Auto Care can help you protect your investment with the finest paint protection film, window tinting, and ceramic coatings available.

We are the auto refinement and paint protection specialists.

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The UNRIVALED Paint Protection Film Expert in Vaughan

We all wish we could keep our cars looking and feeling brand new forever. It's our mission to enable you and your car to look "brand new" for its entire lifetime with our high-performance Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coatings and Window Tinting services. Read below to learn more about the features of Suntek Clear Bra Paint Protection Film.

Stain Resistance
Road grime, bird droppings, bug guts, and air pollution will never leave our film stained or yellow, unlike other popular films in Vaughan and Toronto.
Unmatched Resistance
With its hyper-elastic composition, PPF delivers incredibly more resistance to common cosmetic damages inflicted on cars from the road,such as road rash.

The Highest 5-Star Rated Paint Protection & Window tinting Shop in Vaughan

An amazing range of services offered at great prices. I got the tinting, ceramic coating and PPF done on my S5. The customer service offered was unmatched and got my delivered on time as promised by Ceejay. Do check them out!
Shaatir Khanzada
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Amazing detailing done by SET Auto Care. Got my car detailed, interior and exterior with ceramic coating protection. The car looks like it is 5 or 6 years younger. If you are looking to detail your car look no further this is the place to go, can’t go wrong. Will be back for sure! Thanks Ceejay for the amazing job 👌👌
Ceejay did an amazing detailing job on my car today, and was even able to get rid of some long standing stains on the seats. He even polished the headlights for a nice finishing touch - my car has never looked so new. Everything was done in under 3 hours. Highly recommend Ceejay for all of your detailing needs!


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