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Get 10+ years of Relentless Protection
Ceramic Pro is the world's leading ceramic paint coating for cars and we're proud to be the highest 5-star rated Ceramic Pro installer in Vaughan.
straightforward 2-Year to Lifetime warranty
No other ceramic coating warranty comes close to the coverage of Ceramic Pro. With our flexible warranties ranging from 2-year to lifetime, you can have piece of mind for years to come.
A Brand New Look All the Time
Maintain that brand new finish for years to come and keep your paint cleaner in between each wash.
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Ceramic Pro Paint Protection You Can Trust

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Car Coatings are designed as the ultimate enhancement for automotive paint. Its provides relentless protection against loss of gloss, color fading, aging, and also micro-swirl-marks. But it doesn't stop there!

Automotive ceramic coatings also help repels dirt and other contaminants helping you keep your car's paint cleaner and shiner much longe in between each washes.

At Set Auto Care Ceramic Pro & Window Tinting Vaughan we meticulously detail, decontaminate and machine polish (paint correction) your paint to near perfection before installing any ceramic pro 9h coating. 

Stringent installation protocols ensure you will get the best performance out of your ceramic pro coating while also locking in a virtually defect free paint for years to come.

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Audi after Ceramic Pro installation in Vaughan, Toronto

Installed By Trained & Certified Installers

Ceramic Pro is exclusively available via certified and trained Ceramic Pro installers. We are proud to be one of the highest 5-star rated Ceramic Pro shop in Vaughan!

We're more than just trained and certified, we're passionate about delivering awe-inspiring gloss and uncompromising protection to Vaughan's car owners.

Our team has comprehensive experience in the precise art of decontaminating, polishing and sterilizing a vehicle's clear-coat in preparation for installation of Ceramic Pro. This will ensure its performance, longevity, and durability is maximized.

The Features of Ceramic Pro

Superior Self-Cleaning & Anti-Stick Effect
Ceramic Pro creates a hydrophobic & oleophobic topcoat on your paint which sheets away water, dirt, oils, and other types of grime, effectively transforming your paint into an anti-stick surface.
Easy Cleaning & Maintenance
Keep your car clean and shiny drastically longer in between washes, requiring much less maintenance to keep that brand new look. Washing your car becomes a breeze as dirt and grime are easily washed off the surfaces.
2-Year to Lifetime Warranty
Ceramic Pro backs its performance with one of the industries most comprehensive coverage including oxidation, loss of gloss, UV damage, bug impacts, color fading, acid rain, and paint chalking.
A Shield Against Staining & Etching
Abrasive and dangerous contaminants such as sap, bugs and tar will no longer stick to your paint causing stain marks. The potential for permanent damage is eliminated.
A Mesmerizing Shine
Ceramic Pro makes heads turn. Its enhanced gloss provides depth and clarity like no other, and unlike wax, this shine won't fade away.
Designed With Canadien Winter in Mind
Ceramic Pro Ceramic Car Coating is developed to be the ultimate enhancement for your car during winter. It helps to increase your cars resistance to salt and calcium while helping repel dirt and grim.
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What Are The Advantages of Installing A Ceramic Coating?

A Ceramic Paint Coating is a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your car's bodywork. An Automotive Ceramic Coating protects the exterior paintwork of your car from aging and deterioration caused by wear and tear.

This helps your car to look like-new with comparatively less maintenance and work.

A Freshly Waxed Look All The Time

Ceramic Coatings will create a deep shiny gloss. A single wash will reveal the true brilliance of your car making it look as if you had just waxed it that day.

Protection That Really Pays off

A ceramic coating can pay for itself by preventing a build-up of small damage to your car's exterior. This can result in a higher resale value, which allows you to recoup some of the cost of the product and installation.

Less Time Spent Maintaining Your Vehicle

Ceramic Coatings offer unique anti-stick and hydrophobic properties. Such coatings prevent damage caused by a build-up of brake dust, dirt, bird droppings, acid-rain and other contaminants by stopping them from sticking to your paint. This reduces the amount of time you need to spend washing and waxing your car.

Protection From Oxidization and UV Damage

When a car is continually exposed to  harsh weather and sun, the paintwork will begin a process of oxidization which results in fading, bleaching or peeling. Ceramic Coatings will reduce the damage done by UV rays and slow the process of oxidization.

Protection From Etching and Stains

It's not just the sun you need to worry about. Chemical staining is also a concern in and around the greater Vaughan, Toronto and surrounding counties due to the naturally acidic contaminants in the environment. A Ceramic Car Coating creates a chemically resistant surface. This will keep these contaminants from damaging the exterior of your vehicle.

Improved Gloss and Clarity

For those who want their car to really shine, a Ceramic Coating is a must. A quality automotive Ceramic Coating will create a smooth and glossy finish that enhances the appearance of your cars paintwork by adding depth and clarity.

As we have previously stated, a Ceramic Coating can help your vehicle to retain its value. Here at Set Auto Care, we are expert installers of Ceramic Coatings for customers in Vaughan and the surrounding area. If you are interested in the benefits of this treatment, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

However, you should read on to fully understand what Ceramic Coatings cannot do for you and your car.

The Limitations of a Ceramic Coating

There are some detailers in Vaughan and Toronto who claim that a Ceramic Coating is a miracle, silver bullet of a product which protects from and solves all problems. The truth is that it will add extra protection to your car, but it cannot do everything. This is what a Ceramic Coating cannot do:

Prevent All Scratches, Marks, or Chips

While a Ceramic Coating is scratch-resistant, it's properties are often exaggerated by detailers in Vaughan. Certainly, Ceramic Coatings can ward off some small scratches, but a coated car will not resist all damage from rock chips, or minor parking lot scratches and accidents.

Swirl marks can be created by certain car washes that are not touch less. Unlike Clear Bra Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating is not a substitute for scratch or chip protection. Likewise, it will not eliminate the need to wash your car manually.

Eliminate Water Spotting

Not limited in Vaughan, but also across the world, water contains minerals, contaminants, and dirt. When it evaporates it can leave a water mark behind. The hydrophobic qualities of a ceramic coating helps retard water avoiding spots, but it will not, as some detailers claim, entirely eliminate the issue. Although some water will be repelled by the hydrophobic surface eliminating water spotting, some of that water will bead up and remain creating the opportunity for spotting to occur.

Remove the Need for Washing

The roads in Vaughan can be dirty and congested. Even with a good ceramic coating, you will need to wash your vehicle regularly to keep it looking good.

However, a ceramic coating will make it easier to clean your car and eliminate the need for waxing every few months. This seriously reduces the level of maintenance that your car requires. Thus, while a ceramic coating makes it easier to maintain your cars paintwork, it doesn't make it maintenance free.


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The Highest 5-Star Rated Paint Protection & Window tinting Shop in Vaughan

An amazing range of services offered at great prices. I got the tinting, ceramic coating and PPF done on my S5. The customer service offered was unmatched and got my delivered on time as promised by Ceejay. Do check them out!
Shaatir Khanzada
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Amazing detailing done by Set Auto Care. Got my car detailed, interior and exterior with ceramic coating protection. The car looks like it is 5 or 6 years younger. If you are looking to detail your car look no further this is the place to go, can’t go wrong. Will be back for sure! Thanks Ceejay for the amazing job 👌👌
Ceejay did an amazing detailing job on my car today, and was even able to get rid of some long standing stains on the seats. He even polished the headlights for a nice finishing touch - my car has never looked so new. Everything was done in under 3 hours. Highly recommend Ceejay for all of your detailing needs!